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What is the AirTight Insulation?

AirTight Insulation Systems features an organic-based polyurethane spray-in-place, spray foam insulation. This innovative product has excellent thermal and sound insulating properties that can help to create a healthy, comfortable, energy efficient, and durable residential or commercial structure.

When AirTight Insulation Systems foam spray, is sprayed into a floor, wall, ceiling, or roof deck, it expands and fills all cracks, crevices, and voids. This creates an effective air tight seal which guards against air infiltration, the number one source of energy loss in a structure.

Because of its high R values and air tightness characteristics, AirTight Insulation Systems spray foam insulation, also allows for the use of smaller, less expensive heating and cooling equipment. The smaller HVAC unit uses less energy while appropriately de-humidifying this now controlled environment. The result is a smaller monthly utility bill, a quieter and more comfortable structure, improved indoor air quality, and a stronger defense against mold and mildew.

AirTight Insulation Systems, spray foam insulation, unlike traditional insulation (fibrous cellulose & fiber glass), is not fiber based and contains no harmful particulates that can cause irritation or allergic reactions. It can eliminate the need for building wrap in some climates and minimizes the labor intensive and imperfect work associated with air tightness detailing that is required when insulating with conventional insulation.

AirTight Insulation Systems offers two unique foam spray insulation products suitable for both home and commercial structures. The two products include, an open cell, semi-rigid spray foam, and a closed cell, rigid spray foam.

Closed Cell
AirTight Closed Cell Foam, Product Sheet

AirTight Closed Cell Foam, ICC Report

Open Cell
AirTight Open Cell Foam, Product Sheet

AirTight Open Cell Foam, ICC Report


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